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AIER Wang Vision Eye Center is an internationally influential ophthalmic center with cutting-edge refractive operation and comprehensive corneal imaging technology. It is the first and only cataract 3D laser operation center in Tennessee. Dr. Mingxu Wang, the director of the center, is one of the most renowned experts in refractive operation and corneal disease in the United States. He has a strong background in laser physics (Phd.in Laser Physics) with a number of biotechnology patents in the field of visual restoration, of which eight of them are international patents. He has done more than 25,000 cases of successful eye laser surgeries and is leading in the industry of corneal disease treatment.AIER WangVision Eye Center is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Known for its high-end eye care services, patients in 55 countries and over 40 regions across the United States, including many national dignitaries and Hollywood movie stars. 

TEL:(001- 615-321-8881  


·  AIER - Hong Kong - Poly Vision

Poly Vision was founded in 2005 and its predecessor was an affiliated institution of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is a well-known basic eye inspection and medical optometry center in Hong Kong that was founded by Mr. George Woo, former chairman of the World Council of Optometry.As a medical center with international standards, PolyVision specializes in quality eye care service for the public, providing comprehensive eye inspection of optometry, children's vision training, color vision inspection, perimetry, glaucoma, corneal shaping, contact lens fitting and eye care follow-up, glasses and sunglasses and other one-stop services.On March 14, 2017, with the geographical advantage of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, " Poly Vision " studio was founded in Shenzhen. By cooperating with Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital at all levels, the studio offers integrated eye care services with experiences from both sides.

TEL 08522861-0138  



·  AIER-Hong kong – Hongkong Laser Eye Centre

The Centre is Hong Kong's top myopia laser correction operation and cataract operation center which was founded by Dr. LEE Wing Hong (Vincent LEE) and Dr. WOO Chi Pang (Victor WOO) in 1998. Its popularity and business volume are leading the market in Hong Kong.With its latest SMILE laser operation equipment such as German Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser equipment, the center holds the leader position in eye care industry.

TEL: (0852)2628-1111  

WEBSITE: http://www.hklasereye.com


·  AIER-Europe-Clinica Baviera

Clinica Baviera was founded in 1992, operates as Europe's largest professional ophthalmic medical chain institution. The institution offers refractive operation for myopia, cataract, glaucoma, oblique amblyopia, corneal shaping, orbital and ocular plastic operation services. It has 76 professional eye clinics in four European countries (37 surgical clinics and 39 counseling clinics), serving more than 1.1 million patients. 

Clinica Baviera has the most advanced technique and equipment, as well as 150 experienced specialists that can offer the best treatment for every patient.  Furthermore, Clínica Baviera provides 24/7 service, so that patients can get the most efficient and quality service at any time.

TEL: (0034) 900180100  

WEBSITE: http://www.clinicabaviera.com/otros-tratamientos


·  International Medical Center in China 

With the international medical service experience, AIER Eye Hospital Group set up the international medical department within core city hospitals in mainland China. AIER International Medical Department has the most advanced technique and equipment, as well as experienced specialist that can offer patients with convenient, rapid consultation with domestic and foreign experts. 

The International Medical Department provides comprehensive and multi-level high-quality medical services with international standards and procedures to our patients.

TEL: (86) 4006 007 911

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At IQ Laser Vision helped over 150,000 patients to see the world through new eyes since themes Orange County and Los Angeles County facilities first opened in 1999. Utilizing the state-of-the-art technological advances, the expert doctors at IQ Laser Vision can make it possible to achieve the clearest, sharpest vision, safely, quickly, and easily.

TEL.: 888.539.2211

WEBSITE: www.iqlaservision.com