From Dark to Bright


A Patient Story by Dr. Wang’s Foundation / AIER-USA


10 Years Follower Up


        10 years ago, 5-year Anna had suffered from a rare eye disease with congenital blindness and severe genetic bone deformities. She could not see, and her bone structures were deformed, so she constantly walked into objects and fell. She was from other state and has seen many top eye surgeons around the country including the eye doctors at top universities such as Washington University.

        However, no one could help her due to the rarity of her genetic condition. She was one of only 40 cases ever reported in the world with this genetic medical condition and the only patient ever seen in the world who has this condition and also with severe and blinding corneal scar as such.

        Finally, through the help of Wang’s Foundation, Anna met Dr. Ming Wang (Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physic)) and received an innovative laser treatment for Sight Restoration ( free of charge.         With God’s blessing, Anna miraculously regained her sight, and for the first time in her life, she could walk around the house without bumping into things and falling down, and her mom Lisa and dad Jeff saw their beloved daughter’s beautiful eyes for the first time!

        10 years later, now the 15-yo Anna came to see Dr. Wang, of Aier-USA, for a follow-up visit. She is doing great, in high school and is a straight A student. She is smiling and so happy, joyful, and graceful. Most remarkably, Anna is now a strong advocate for other special-need children and working hard to help others! What a blessing, God is good!



An Inside from a Lasik Surgery Patient at Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital

        He is 35 year old, started to wear glasses at the age of 13. He is teaching at the French International School in Shanghai. Once in a while wearing contact lenses, but still feels unhappy and worried every day. Then his colleague told him about her surgery.

        “One of my colleagues from Taiwan had this surgery in Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital and she told me it will be a different feeling after the surgery. I compared another two eye hospitals, but at the end I decided to go to Shanghai Aier.”

        His vision degree before the surgery was 350 for the left eye and 400 for the right eye, with this degree he already belongs to the high Myopia cases. After all the pre-surgery examinations were done, the decision was made for a LASIK surgery typ FS/EX.

        At Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital we will always try to do our best to get the trust of our patients by informing them about any possible scenario and the risks. “Before the surgery I felt a little bit nerves. At one moment I almost want to cancel it. But the staff in VIP department explains everything to me that made me feel relaxed. I was never alone, all the way I had people speaking English to me.”

        After the surgery our patient felt happy to be able to enjoy a new life quality, ”I am actually able to go outside with less worries. I am glad I did the surgery and I would do it again, it helped me to gain a different life.”